The Best in Norfolk

The Difference

We don’t put a lot of fluff on our website. Just know, we are different. Different level of everything, different experience. Our artists are extremely talented, they all have 10 plus years of experience. They’ve worked hard and payed their dues to be able to do art in the style that suits them. If your concept isn’t a style or concept our artists are comfortable with, we will do our best to send you in the right direction.  We’ve been open since 2013, and have won, “the best place to get a tattoo, in Norfolk, three years in a row!”

Our Guarantees

We absolutely guarantee…
you will find a cheaper tattoo, somewhere else.

Rude People

If you are rude to our desk staff, you will not be tattooed by our artists. It’s real simple, be nice or go somewhere else.





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