Where is Otzi Tattoo Agency? 
We are located in Norfolk’s West Ghent, Chelsea District. Right around the corner from Smartmouth Brewery across from BenchTop Brewery.

How can I get an appointment?

It’s best to visit the shop, you may also
eMail us at otzitattooagency@gmail.com, include the following:

  1. description of concept
  2. placement, size, black and gray or color
  3. reference photos if you have them
  4. if it’s a cover up, photo of the existing tattoo
  5. budget
  6. artist you are interested in
  7. phone number

How much do tattoos cost?
It varies. We can give you an estimate once we know what you would like to have tattooed. We do not give estimates via social media or over the phone.

How soon can I get an appointment?
It depends on the artist. Sean is booked generally 4 months, Matti and Jaimeson about 1-2 months. They do get cancellations and you could be booked as early as next week.

Why would I get declined?
If your concept isn’t in a style our artists are currently exploring we will refer you to our friends at another shop.
We rarely take on work started by another artist, however you may send a photo and we will evaluate.
If your concept expectations are out of our comfort zone.

Or if you are rude to our desk staff.

Be aware!
You will always talk to the desk staff first. You will not talk to an artist until your concept has been accepted. Our desk staff is experienced and understands the styles of our artists. They know what concepts our artists enjoying working on, they know what style they are comfortable with. Trust us!

Be patient and diligent.

Unlike most shops in our area, we have a small crew. If you don’t hear back, we may have overlooked your email. Make sure you send it to otzitattooagency@gmail.com. Peaque our interest with your concept inquiry.